Richard Soriano is a rare gem with whom I am lucky to have crossed paths. I am a Personal Trainer and consider myself to be pretty good at my craft. Yet, my confidence in my own abilities was diminishing as a chronic injury of mine became ever worse. A close Personal Trainer friend of mine recommended Richard Soriano after watching me suffer while trying to “correct” my injury on my own for months.
— Mark

Rich is a great caregiver. and he really does want to see you through 100% (or more) recovery. He’s passionate about action sports and being active and totally understands our need to get out there again, as soon as possible! He has the knowledge, the personality, the drive, and an intuitive gift for healing that goes beyond the books.
— Sofia

I highly recommend Rich — whether you’re rehabilitating from a specific surgery to experiencing ongoing pain that’s affecting your day-to-day. Believe me, I lived with aches and pains throughout decades of athletics, including D1 XC. I was stubborn to see someone until it finally became a show-stopper. I shouldn’t have waited that long.
— Em

First of all - stop hurting! You don’t have to. Physical Therapy should be required after every sports related injury. Minor or major. A massage therapist can treat the symptom - but Rich Soriano will address the cause. The key to Rich’s success is in the way he explains everything to the patient - simple to understand.
— Girl, O

He was extremely knowledgeable and competent and is motivated to get you back to doing the activities you love to do - rather than spending time in physical therapy.
— Tom

Rich’s background in varied sports gives him a great understanding of athletes and their injuries as well as the common over-use injuries the general public.

He is a therapist that wants to get you moving again and he’ll do so in the shortest amount of time possible. Rich will truly educate you about your body so you won’t re-injur yourself.
— Diakadi