Expect cutting edge equipment at Action Sports Medicine.

From the latest in cardiovascular and strength training equipment to the finest treatment modalities in the industry, not only will you be treated like a PRO but you’ll have access to the same equipment utilized by the major sport teams today

Game-Ready Accelerated Recovery System

The world’s premier active compression & cold therapy technology available for accelerating the body’s natural healing processes. (see below)

Multiple Cybex-Arc Trainers

Upright, impact-free elliptical motion.  Sports-club standard treadmills.

Stepmill 7000PT

Provides the same cardiovascular workout you’d get on a treadmill plus the superior lower-body muscular workout. Work your heart, lungs and muscles without impacting your joints.

Sci-Fit Upper Body Ergometer

Computerized upper body cycle for basic to advanced level rehabilitation.

Summit Spin Bikes

Mountain-bike- inspired design with micro-adjustable seat and handlebars to establish a comfortable and ergonomic fit. 

90 Series Life Fitness Cycle

As the most recognized cardio product in fitness facilities around the world, the Lifecycle exercise bike is a staple in pro-training facilities. Loaded with breakthrough technology, durable components, and ergonomic design features, the 90 Series Lifecycle exercise bikes are the flagship products of Life Fitness. 

Pilates Studio Reformer

A fixture in Pilates studios, the reformer helps establish torso stability and postural alignment while working the extremities in a range of motion. Progressive resistance helps to lengthen and strengthen the muscles rather than building bulk. It makes for an effective, no-impact stretching and toning workout that is friendly to the joints. 

Computerized Fan-wheel Rower

Complete non-impact, full body workout. Ideal tool for cross-training.

Freemotion CableX+Lifefitness Pulley Station

The “workhorse” of vector resistance training for dynamic core stabilization training.

Game-Ready Accelerated Recovery System

There’s a reason why Game-Ready Systems are used by more than 60 professional teams, including the Oakland Raiders, 49er’s, Golden State Warriors & the Giants, it’s the only device in sports medicine that truly facilitates a faster recovery from an injury or surgery. Utilization of Game-Ready is far superior to traditional application of ice and elastic band compression. Game-Ready combines advanced active cyclic compression to quickly push swelling away from the injury site WITH cold therapy to promote faster healing. The patented form-fitting wraps utilize breakthrough NASA spacesuit technology to comfortably conform to the affected body part to ease your recovery.